Signs for Lost Children by Sarah Moss

IMG_2295With this duology, I’m assured of Sarah Moss as a writer of incredible nuance, intelligence, observation, elegance and style. Signs for Lost Children picks up just where Bodies of Light left, so I’d really encourage one to start with Bodies of Light before they try this as the motivations of these characters, the backstories and context would all be lost by starting directly here.

Bodies of Light triumphs in its themes, but rushes through the years. Signs for Lost Children, on the other hand, is set across a single year following Ally’s marriage. Continue reading

Bodies of Light by Sarah Moss


Review: Oh Sarah Moss! How wonderfully you write and how nice it feels to be wrapped up in your words like a blanket! Bodies of Light was an intriguing, wonderfully written, and complex story of female roles in the 19th century, of women fighting to find their place in professional and academic settings than being restricted to domestic roles, of a dysfunctional family, a domineering mother, of mental health and its stigma, of art and its appreciation, Continue reading

A book that took my breath away…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACategory: Literary Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 4/5
Author: Sarah Moss

It’s been almost a year since I read The Tidal Zone, but if someone were to ask me which was the best opening chapter that I’ve read in recent times, in a blink of an eye I’d say this one. I remember reading the first chapter, pausing for a moment and realising that I wanted to slowly savour and yet devour this book all at once. Here’s a little snippet of how it all starts.

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