About Me

Hi & Welcome to Between.Bookends!

I’m Varsha Ravi.

In no real order.
Book Enthusiast. Avid Reader. Tea Addict. Nature Lover. Sister. Feminist. UX Designer. Engineer. Introvert (most of the time). Extrovert (on a rare, blue moon day).

I have loved reading since I was a child and it continues to give me immense joy and add so much more meaning to my life. I started this book review blog to share the books I read and to engage in bookish conversations with other book lovers out there. I love books as physical objects too and I indulge in creative book photography to go alongside with my reviews. I have an active book dedicated instagram account too, if you’d like to follow (https://www.instagram.com/between.bookends/).

I enjoy well written, lyrical, slower narratives, with a focus on character development, setting and themes. I’m an eclectic reader and I enjoy all the following genres:

  • Literary/ Contemporary fiction
  • Magical Realism/ Surrealist/ Fabulist Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Non Fiction
  • Literary Stand-alone Graphic Novels
  • Graphic Memoirs
  • Translated/ International Fiction
  • Occasionally, Classics & Poetry

If you would like me to review a book or send an ARC/review copy, please email me at: vrsh.rav@gmail.com