What makes a book cover stand out?

fullsizeoutput_49ee.jpegWe are all guilty of picking up books based on their cover design more often than not. Most book lovers I’ve interacted with have admitted to being drawn towards interesting and aesthetically pleasing cover designs and there is an excitement in buying or receiving a book that is beautiful not only on the inside but outside as well. So it got me thinking on what makes a cover tick for me. I thought it’s be fun to ponder on that and tell you what draws me to a cover and here’s what I have:

  • I generally prefer illustrative cover designs to photographic ones and this is just a personal preference. Of course, there are exceptions and I have seen some incredibly well done photographic covers as well
  • I also really like minimalistic, monotone cover designs with clean covers, not too much detail and focus on text and font. I’ve seen that especially for different editions of classics, special editions, etc.
  • I’m also more drawn to covers where I like the typography and placement of text. It draws emphasis to the title and obviously if it’s an interesting/different title, I’m all the more likely to pick it up. Here’s an example below where the typography takes the centre stage but I think it really works


  • I also really like it when a cover at some level is representative of what to expect within the book, or what it’s about.


Are these things, you notice in book cover designs too? What immediately draws you to a book cover?

One thought on “What makes a book cover stand out?

  1. Love the cover of Strange Heart Beating. I just read Bluets by Maggie Nelson and I found the blue cover so beautiful. But must admit as a geek I rely on recommendations from other book lovers and hunt the books down in the library so am not bothered about covers when selecting what to read. By the way, your new blog is great, lovely layout, very clear and inviting.


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