The 100 Nights of Hero by Isabel Greenberg

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 7.03.58 PM.pngCategory: Graphic Novels, Standalones
Rating: 4.5/5
Author: Isabel Greenberg

The One Hundred Nights of Hero is a fascinating, beautifully drawn and gorgeous rendered retelling of the Arabian Nights, with a central lesbian couple. The idea of stories within stories, sisterhood and what it means to be a woman, enthused in myth and magic, makes for a fascinating read to curl up with on a lazy afternoon. Reading this book is like wrapping yourself in tapestry of tales each with a unique setting and strong message. 

Hero and Cherry are lovers and they try to escape a rather horrible challenge set by Cherry’s husband to his friend, where he has 100 nights to try and woo Cherry into cheating on her husband. In order to delay and possibly escape that, Hero offers to tell stories which are so immersive and whimsical, that the man forgets about his initial intentions.

The art isn’t traditionally the kind I’d enjoy which is more water-colour based, instead it is more rough and closer tribal art which though not what I’d call beautiful at a glance, but it really works for the story. I eventually grew to like the art more and more.

Graphic novels can sometimes be more about the art than the story, but this isn’t that. It’s a got an equally wonderful plot and gorgeous art that together, make it such an amazing experience. It’s an ode to feminism & sisterhood, to the power of story-telling, to mothers & daughters, to historically being considered the ’second sex’ and to break free of that, and of course, to lasting female friendships & love.

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