The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa


‘I also liked the way he wrote his numbers with a little stub of a pencil. The 4 was so round it looked like a knot of ribbon, and the 5 was leaning so far forward it seemed about to tip over. They weren’t lined up very neatly, but they all had a certain personality. The Professor’s lifelong affection for numbers could be seen in every figure he wrote.’

You’ll never look at numbers the same way once you’ve read this book. ☺️

The Housekeeper and the Professor is a charming, heart warming & intimate story of unlikely friendships, the beauty of mathematics, the spiritedness of baseball, all strung together by seemingly innocent numbers. I really loved the characters and their relationships. Loved the math, it took me back to my Engineering uni days. I just felt the chapters involving baseball dragged slightly and at places I felt Ogawa exaggerated the Professor’s character making him seem a little unrealistic. But besides those minor issues, I really enjoyed the book!

Rating 3.5/5⭐️

This edition has been published by Picador. This book has been translated from the Japanese by Stephen Snyder.

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