The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss


The Name of the Wind

I adored this book. The story, the language, the way Rothfuss weaves in his different characters with so much depth is just endearing. There are several sections, I could just re-read again and again because its written so beautifully.

As a reader, I got so absorbed into the journey of Kvothe from a little boy to a young man which is described so deftly that by the end of the book, I felt I had known Kvothe for my entire life. I love the way the magic in this book is explained almost scientifically and in such a believable manner that it makes sense weirdly. Another aspect of the book that blew my mind is the way Rothfuss describes the music that Kvothe plays with his lute. I could almost hear it.

The only reason I knocked a star off was because the book dragged every so lightly in a few sections. And I also felt the female characters were little jaded and could have been fleshed out better.

The Wise Man’s Fear

Rothfuss spins yet another book which is almost as amazing as the first. But I must say it’s a very hard for me to pin point exactly why I enjoyed this book and I believe it’s because everything is realised in such beautiful and realistic detail that it all feels so genuine and real, no matter how crazy it seems. Kvothe’s story continues from where things were left with the Name of the Wind.

One of the things I loved so much about this story was seeing all the different cultures and languages and customs that Kvothe has to make sense of. I love different cultures in books and this world is full of richly woven and considered cultures and places and people. The only downsides I felt were that middle sections of the book drag slightly. The sections with Kvothe in Fae land were the sections I felt dragged the most, to a point that I got bored, but the story again really picks up after that. That was primary reason, I knocked a star off. The only annoying aspect once you finish the book, is it leaves you hanging with the ‘Doors of Stone’ still not released.

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